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Rely Podcast #1

Neal, Carson, and Zac got together to talk scooters like they always do. We approached this podcast empty handed and open minded. No topic of discussion was in mind when filming and what came about is this vid. We wanted this to happen naturally because we are merely testing the waters. Let us know what you think! Maybe more podcasts to come. What would you want us to talk about? Comment!

Sections: Part 1 - We where filming? 0:00 Part 2 - Scootering? 5:00 Part 3 - Events, filming and all perspective 7:10 Part 4 - Scootering with respect 10:55 Part 5 - Spaz energy 13:38 Part 6 - Pants are everything 15:57 Part 7 - Some perspective 18:40 Part 8 - Tailwhips 22:58 Part 9 - Clips and more scooters 25:56

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