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Detroit Street Jam August 24th 2019

The Detroit Street jam was by far one of the most memorable days for the south east scooter scene.

Detroit has never seen a jam in its history, so we thought it was time to host one! To our surprise and best effort, there was a turn out of around 80 people!

All the spots where a last minute call because of an unexpected event.

Neal Morrison the shop owner, was in charge of getting this jam to happen. Before planning the jam, we called the city to clarify that Hart Plaza would be open.

On the day of the event, we decided to call hart plaza to double check because of a heads up from some locals.

A short phone call later confirmed that the plaza was closed, so we had to choose different spots, quick. Luckily, there was enough spots to lay out a new route. Every spot that was picked, was chosen an hour before the jam began. Everyone communicated and there was no confusion.

Faces from all around where at this jam! We had people from Grand Rapids, Traverse city, Ohio, Ontario, Illinois, Wisconsin and probably more! We received practically no issues from cops and the public as well. It was a perfect day to ride.

Detroit has a beautiful river walk, we started off at the meet up spot, then headed south. Hit some rails and ledges for the first few spots. People where going hard, and some hit the ground hard.. The energy was unreal. We mobbed through some streets up to the concrete hip, as seen in the photos. We defiantly chilled at this spot for a minute.

After that we mobbed down the river walk, leading with a megaphone blasting "ohlay, ohlay, ohlay", all the way past the first spot. We stopped at an outdoor cafe/bar, totally forgot it was there.

Everyone's chillin, eating food, drinking mimosas and a random group of people come through chanting religious songs with drums. They where vibin so people joined in and a big party started happening out of no where haha, quite the experience. Then we where off again!

We headed north till we hit the Dequindre cut trail, that's where the gap spots and last rail spots are. At this point we where a few hours into the jam, people where getting tired. So much riding, I guess we all lost track of time. Many bangers went down. The jam came to an end because of an injury at the spot with 2 sets of stairs. It caused the event to end but in good measure. Cops where onto us by this point and we didn't want anyone to become liable.

For the amount of riding and chaos we created, it was a very successful day. Despite making the route last minute, there was plenty of stuff to still ride. One reason it lasted so long is because the spots we chose where small enough for most people to ride. It was just really fun. So fun that it was about a 6 hour jam. There where 2 more spots in mind before the injury, a diy, then a big stair set near the first spot to bring everyone back. There's so much to see in Detroit and we will put Detroit on the map for the scooter scene.

Cheers to an amazing day, looking forward to the next jam!

Video of the event below!!

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